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There is a current wave in the country promoting increased participation in agricultural activities such as farming, production, processing, marketing, etc. Yet, there are still various lingering challenges faced by youths who follow this trend.


  • To build a community of 1million youths in agribusiness who are successful at it.
  • The community will consist of different cluster groups with each group consisting of members in the same agribusiness enterprise.
  • To build a community with one voice through which advocacy and lobbying campaigns can be coordinated.


  • YANAF is a platform where young people can tell their stories/journey in agripreneurship, so that prospective new entrants can learn and leaverage on the experiences of others.
  • YANAF is a platform where young people can freely express their challenges in an enabling environment where there is a felt need to support each others growth and development.
  • A strong advocacy group that can influence policy formulations, enforce the inactions of policies and track the full implementations of these policies.