Training and Mentorship Services

My Garri - Tolulope foods
There is a growing need to encourage increased youth participation in agriculture. Formation and development of farmers' groups with each group consisting of members in the same agribusiness sphere (group of cassava farmers, group of maize processors, e.t.c.).
  • The benefits of this includes:
  • Sharing of ideas/exchange of information.
  • Collectively sourcing for mutual help, possibility of linking up with investors from the private and/or public sector, which will facilitate improved access to information and funds.
  • Proper feasibility study and sizing of the market.
  • Provision of services to members as well as the common implementation of agricultural development tasks concerning the larger community.
  • Tolulope foods offers trainings that help:
  • Strengthen farmers' groups by providing them with enough opportunities to learn, practice and perform the different procedures involved in identifying and solving agricultural related problems.
  • Meeting their needs with short and long-term solutions, so as to strengthen the capacity and skills of the groups (members and leaders).
  • Structural organization of the groups as well as planning and implementation of self-determined group activities.
It is to this end that we have developed simple participatory training methodologies as well as incorporating graphical illustrations for easy understanding by aspiring farmers' groups and the development of existing farmers' groups.