Food Production

My Garri - Tolulope foods

Tolulope foods is a Nigerian based food production company which specializes in the cultivation and processing of quality cassava tubers. The cassava tubers are hygienically processed to produce premium quality and dirt free garri which is packaged as the popular brand "MYGARI".

MYGARI is crunchy and dirt free which can be soaked and consumed as a nice meal. MYGARI is best served with cold water and powdered milk which can also be supported with smoked fish, groundnut, coconut, moi moi and so on.

Garri is a very popular indigenous meal in Nigeria which is taken by all age brackets from all works of life. It can also be made into a delicious solid food (swallow) which goes well with all types of African peppered soups.

Our key focus as a food production company is to run a world class food processing facility with an effective waste management system where by all the by-products of cassava will be useful in various ways.

MyGari Best Served with

MyGari with Beans

MyGari with Fish

MyGari with Moi Moi

MyGari with Kuli-Kuli

MyGari with Snail